About Michael Mastro

Following an education in Photolithography at Don Bosco Technical Institute and Photography under M. Richard Marx, my career began in Atlanta before the advent of computers, as what was known as a paste-up artist. Freelancing for advertising agencies including McDonald & Little, BDA/BBDO and J. Walter Thompson, design firms Direct Drive Design and Think New Ideas, I was fortunate to work with designers like Don Trousdell, Mark Sandlin, and Blair Caplinger on graphic projects that included all aspects of advertising, collateral, packaging, and signage for clients including Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball, Nike, Anheiser-Busch, financial and medical institutions, numerous airlines, and the travel industry. The high level of quality demanded by the agencies and designers with whom I chose to work fed my perfectionism and cultivated my personal design sense.

When I wasn’t working for ad agencies or design firms, I photographed musicians, developing my own style of group portraiture. This led to work for record labels, and recording artists like Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and The Dixie Dregs, as well as future stars like Brendan O’Brien and Rick Richards.

After over 20 years in Atlanta, I moved to Mobile and concentrated on Photography for Architecture, Industry, and Tourism. My work was selected by the artist Nall to be featured in the public collections of the RSA Tower, the historic Battle House Hotel, and the Renaissance Riverview Hotel. The RSA and Battle House collections contain 258 works by 25 artists, 29 of which are mine.

In 2003 I was commissioned by Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb to produce a book commemorating restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The book, “Mobile’s Cathedral” has been called “The most beautiful book I have ever seen” by Dr. Sue Walker, Poet Laureate of Alabama, and has won numerous awards for Photography, and Book Design. All of the images in the book are available as photographic prints.

My goal is to portray beauty wherever I find it.