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When I travel, the same motivation drives me: when an image jumps out of my surroundings, I capture it. On some trips, very little inspires me. On others, I am overwhelmed by the inspiration.


Boston & Concord, Massachusetts




Cape Hatteras, North Carolina




Catholic Cemetery
Mobile, Alabama

Established in 1848.



Charleston, South Carolina




Dallas, Texas




Florence, Alabama

The “Shoals” area includes Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. Florence is the largest city in Lauderdale County. The small town flavor of our soul and the large city refinement are evident as your stroll through our charming historic districts, play 18 holes of world class golf, reel in a trophy size bass or indulge yourself in our tantalizing array of southern cuisine .


Greensburg, Pennsylvania




Italy – The Amalfi Coast

Maybe the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The sights and sounds, the scent of ocean and lemons.



Italy – Chieuti

This is the village in the Foggia Provence in the Apulia Region, where my maternal grandfather, Adolfo Maurea was born. I stood in front of the house where our family lived for hundreds of years. The date on the door of the church across the street was 1243.



Italy – Rome

What can I say about Rome, other than I could shoot here every day for the rest of my life and never run out of subject material.



Italy – Santa Croce di Magliano

In the Campobasso Provence in the Molise Region, my maternal grandmother Maria Concetta Iantomasi was born.



Italy – Sant Andrea di Conza

Here in the Provence of Avellino, in the Campania Region, is where both of my paternal grandparents came from. Giuseppe Nicola Mastrodomenico and Antonia Maria Cignarella were engaged when they were seven and three years of age. My grandmother came to America when she was six, and at 12 years of age, went to Ellis Island to meet my grandfather who was 16 at the time. They were married almost 70 years.

Every day I wake up wishing I was in Sant Andrea di Conza.


Italy – Termoli

In the Provence of Campobasso in the Molise Region, Termoli is a 13th Century coastal fortress. The “Old City” is actually within the fortress and no new building is allowed, so older buildings have been converted to hotels. Breathtaking architecture was everywhere.



Jacksonville, Florida

You’ll see a bridge here. I came home and found out that a friend of mine’s father designed that bridge.



New York, New York




Savannah, Georgia